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In today’s highly competitive cosmetics market, each brand, product and concept is fighting for its attention and potential customer. Among other market players, STENDERS stands out as a well-recognized and profit-generating brand, which has already raised sufficient customer awareness, is unique enough for your potential customer and able to attract new clients to your business. We believe STENDERS is the right brand you are looking for!

  • Beautiful store design Eye-catching, inviting, and user-friendly, our shops are an essential factor in overall shopping experience.
  • Appealing product portfolio Attractive, innovative and made with natural ingredients to meet the growing market needs
  • Gift-wrapping rituals Shaped-to-the-detail and exquisite wrapping styles to ensure a unique shopping experience.
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STENDERS is a cosmetics brand inspired by the nature itself. It pays special attention to feelings and shopping experience, including design, aroma, the way of presenting products and customer care culture.

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Becoming a STENDERS franchisee

As a team of experts STENDERS has already established its model of operation and is ready to support and advise its partners, providing efficient solutions in order to assist you in starting your business with us.

Be it the selection of your shop location, hiring and training your staff or planning a store or product launch campaign, we already have proven and effective solutions and models that will help you build strong brand awareness and establish long-lasting customer relationships which is the foundation to successful business.

What are we looking for?

We are keen on finding franchisees who can establish and grow our brand in their respective territories. We prefer to do business with someone having solid retail experience in developing new brands. While there is no royalty fee to obtaining STENDERS franchise, financial investments for opening and expanding are necessary.

We consider this partnership as two-way relationship: we provide you with all the necessary tools to run your business successfully and profitably, yet in return we wish to see you commitment for long-term cooperation and clearly defined goals for your business.

  • 15Partner
  • 195Shops
  • 27MMillion euro
  • 150Employees
    at STENDERS HQ in Riga, Latvia
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