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Sell unique products from a well-recognized and profitable brand.

In the modern cosmetic market, STENDERS stands out as a well-recognized and profit-generating brand, which has raised sufficient customer awareness, is unique enough for your current customer and able to attract new clients to your business.

We believe STENDERS is the brand you are looking for.

  • Unique product assortment Including luxury cosmetics ranges such as Gold line, Pearl line and Amber line.
  • Well-recognized brand Already well-established brand with a high global potential.
  • Profitability Competitive pricing structure that brings profit to your business.
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Dmitrijs Sklepovics

Cooperation with STENDERS has allowed us to supplement our range with quality products that correspond to the strict requirements of our customers and current market trends. Furthermore the company takes creative and active part in all our largest campaigns.


Vaiva Kirvelaite

Our cooperation with STENDERS has turned out very productive and directed towards continuous development. STENDERS idea truly corresponds to the concept of our concept – provide the customer with much more than just shopping and discounts and create the willingness to come back.

STENDERS is a cosmetics brand inspired by northern nature. It pays a special attention to feelings and shopping experience, including design, fragrance, the way of presenting products and customer care culture.

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