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Distance Contract

Effective from: 01.10.2016
Last update: 25.04.2023
Edition: V3

This distance contract (hereinafter – Contract) is concluded between the owner of the online trading site SIA “STENDERS”, Unified registration No. 40003563248, registered office: 63 Mukusalas Street, Riga, LV-1004, (hereinafter referred to as the Seller), and a buyer who is at least 14 years old and who places an order and makes a purchase at (hereinafter referred to as – Buyer). The Distance Contract applies to all orders and purchases made on the online trading website (hereinafter referred to as – STENDERS Website). This Distance Contract does not apply to purchases made by the Buyer in the Seller's retail stores.


General Conditions

1. The Buyer shall order, purchase and pay for, and the Seller shall supply and sell, body, facial, hair, bath and other cosmetics and goods (“Goods”) in accordance with the terms of this Contract.

2. The Buyer shall purchase the Goods by completing the relevant order form on the STENDERS Website. Upon ordering, the Buyer undertakes to provide accurate information, i.e., name, surname, delivery address and his/her contact information. The Buyer undertakes to notify the Seller of any changes no later than within 24 hours from the moment of receipt of Order confirmation by writing an e-mail to The Buyer is responsible for providing the correct details, otherwise the delivery of the Goods may be delayed or not possible. Ordering of the Goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the Buyer to the Seller to enter into this Contract for the supply of the Goods ordered and an agreement by the Buyer to purchase the Goods ordered at the price specified.

3. Upon ordering, the Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, agrees to and undertakes to abide by and comply with the terms of the Contract. The Buyer is not permitted to place orders unless the Buyer has read and agreed to the terms of the Contract. This Contract is prepared in accordance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

4. The Contract applies to different types of Buyers, both non-registered customers and Members specified in the Conditions of the STENDERS Loyalty Programme, who receive additional benefits and discounts.


Purchase price and delivery

5. Prices on the STENDERS Website are in EUR, USD or GBP. All prices quoted are inclusive of any applicable value added or other taxes. Goods shall be sold for the prices being in force at the time of placing an order. Surcharges may be included in the total delivery price. Depending on the bank or payment method used by the Buyer, bank charges may apply.

6. Customs charges may apply in your destination country. We don’t control customs policies and can’t predict these extra charges if they occur, so it’s up to you to cover these. If you’re not sure, contacting your local customs office for further info will be helpful.

7. Payment for the Goods shall be made by the Buyer in the online shop by debit or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron), PayPal or by bank transfer to the SIA STENDERS account number indicated in the prepayment invoice. All delivery costs shall be borne by the Buyer.

8. The Seller shall deliver the Goods to the address specified by the Buyer in accordance with the rates set by the courier service. The Buyer performs payment for the Goods and delivery expenses together, before the receipt of confirmation and delivery of the Goods from the Seller. The delivery price is included in the invoice. The electronic supporting document - the invoice - is valid without a signature.

9. Upon delivery of the Goods, the Buyer undertakes to sign a receipt for receipt of the Goods.

10. The Buyer may place orders for 24 hours during the day, but the assembly of orders by the Seller shall be performed: on business days from 9.00 to 17.00 (UTC+2/UTC+3), no packing is provided on Saturdays, Sundays. The Seller shall forward confirmation of receipt of the order to the Buyer via e-mail. If the Buyer does not receive a confirmatory e-mail, the respective order is not accepted. The assembly of the order shall be commenced at the moment when the money is transferred to the account of the Seller.

11. The estimated delivery time is indicated at the checkout, in the Buyer's account, and sent in the purchase confirmation email.


Quality warranty and responsibility

12. STENDERS accepts no responsibility and does not guarantee that the Goods will always meet the Buyer's expectations beyond that which is stated in the product description. If the Buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the Goods, the Buyer may return the Goods and receive a full refund for the Goods upon receipt of the order.

13. The Goods displayed on STENDERS may differ slightly from the same size, shape and colour as the Goods received due to the technical characteristics of the devices used to order the Goods or other reasonably foreseeable differences.

14. The characteristics and instructions for use of all Goods sold on the STENDERS Website are set out in the description accompanying each Good.


Right of return and right of withdrawal

15.The Buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal contained in the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia and return the Goods within 14 calendar days. To avoid any disputes, upon receipt of the Goods, the Buyer must make sure that they correspond to the order (colour, product name and other relevant parameters).

16. In the event that the Goods are not assembled correctly, the Buyer has the right to exchange the Goods within 14 days by completing a return form. In the aforementioned case, the costs of courier mail shall be covered by the Seller.

17. If the Buyer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, the following recommendations and conditions must be taken into account:

17.1. The returned Goods must not have been used. If the condition of the returned Goods has deteriorated and the deterioration has occurred due to the incorrect storage thereof, the Buyer shall not be entitled to use the right of withdrawal.

17.2. The Buyer shall have the duty to keep and not to damage the original packaging of the Goods.

17.3. If the Buyer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must contact the Seller by e-mail at The Buyer receives a withdrawal form from the Seller, which is filled in and sent to the Seller to the above e-mail address.

17.4. The Buyer is obliged to retain both the courier documents for receipt of the Goods and the postal/courier documents for return of the Goods to the Seller.

17.5. For more information on what constitutes a distance contract and the right of withdrawal, the Buyer may consult the following website address:

17.6. The Seller shall transfer the money for the returned Goods and their delivery costs to the bank account specified by the Buyer in the withdrawal form within 14 calendar days after termination of the Contract and receipt of the Goods specified in the withdrawal form at the Seller's warehouse (63 Mūkusalas Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1004) on the basis of the Buyer's withdrawal.

18. Buyer's rights in the case of non-conforming Goods:

18.1. Defective Goods shall be rectified and non-conforming Goods shall be replaced or returned in accordance with the procedures set out in these Conditions and taking into account the requirements of the applicable laws of the Republic of Latvia;

18.2. A Buyer who wishes to complain about defective or incomplete Goods may do so by email:, returning the allegedly non-conforming Goods;

18.3. When submitting a complaint, the Buyer must include the following information:

18.3.1. Invoice and order number of the Goods. If possible, the Buyer shall attach an invoice to enable the Seller to deal with the Buyer's complaint as soon as possible;

18.3.2. indicate the defect of the Goods, signs of damage or missing parts thereof;

18.3.3. submit other proof, for instance, a photo of the Goods, photo of the low quality area (if it is mechanical damage and taking a photo thereof is possible), photo of the packaging of the Goods, etc.

18.4. When lodging a complaint, the Buyer initially has the right to require the seller or service provider to remedy, free of charge, the non-conformity of the Goods with the terms of the contract or to replace the Goods, free of charge, with goods conforming to the terms of the Contract, except for where this is impossible or disproportionate (Section 28(2) of the Consumer Rights Protection Law).

18.5. If a complaint is investigated, a reply will be provided within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. If for objective reasons it is not possible to reply to the Buyer's complaint within that period, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer in writing, indicating a reasonable period within which a reply will be provided and justifying the need for such an extension.

18.6. Only if the Seller has established that the Goods are of substandard quality may the Buyer's request for substandard Goods be fulfilled. The Customer Service Centre will arrange a refund to the payment account used to place the order. The Seller reserves the right to ask the Buyer to return the damaged Goods to the shop.


Customer service

19. The programme participant can contact STENDERS:

19.1. by writing to;

19.2. by calling +371 22013657;

19.3. by filling in the online contact form here:;

19.4. or by sending a letter to STENDERS' registered office: SIA “STENDERS”, 63 Mukusalas Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1004.


Final provisions and dispute resolution

20. If the Seller breaches the Contract, the Seller shall only be liable for the Buyer's direct damages resulting directly from the breach.

21. The Seller has the right to modify the Contract in whole or in part, or to suspend the operation of the STENDERS Website. The Seller will notify changes or discontinuation of the STENDERS Website by means of notices on the STENDERS Website and/or in the Seller's stores and/or by email to each Buyer and will seek the Buyer's confirmation of the current version of the Contract prior to any new purchase/order.

22. The Contract shall remain in force until all obligations between the Seller and the Buyer have been fulfilled.

23. The Contract is prepared in accordance with the laws of the country from which the Buyer receives the services and which regulate them, and all disputes shall be settled by the courts in accordance with the procedure specified by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Seller's company involved in the dispute is established.

24. If a court or other competent authority holds that any provision of the Contract is contrary to law, incorrect or unenforceable, the ruling shall not affect the validity and full enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Contract in accordance with the law.

25. The Seller reserves the right to block the Buyer's ability to make purchases on STENDERS Website for a limited or indefinite period of time if fraudulent activities are detected or if facts are established about a particular person's previous deceitful activities on STENDERS.  Deceitful activities may be defined as both fraudulent activities and other activities that may interfere with the operation of the Seller or the STENDERS Website and/or cause direct or indirect damage.

26. Disputes between the Buyer and the Seller shall be settled by mutual negotiation.  If the Seller and the Buyer cannot resolve the dispute through negotiations, then the Buyer may file a complaint with the Consumer Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution Commission located at 55 Brivibas Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010, which resolves consumer disputes (more information on dispute resolution is available at or apply to court.  In addition to the above, the Buyer may use an electronic dispute resolution platform (ODR) to resolve disputes regarding goods or services purchased on the Website.  For more details, see


Personal data processing

27. The Buyer's personal data will be used to identify the Buyer and to receive orders, to process and deliver orders, to prepare accounting documents, including invoices, to reimburse overpaid amounts and to reimburse amounts for returned goods, to administer financial and other obligations arising from this Contract and other cooperation documents between the parties, and for the use of the services offered on the STENDERS Website. For more information on the processing of personal data, please see the Privacy Policy:

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