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The story of amber creation


Nordic nature inspires us to bring the richness of wildlife found in forests, gardens and sun-drenched beaches into your bathroom. Our autumn/winter bath bomb collection, The Story of Northern Amber, is our tribute to the treasure of the Baltic Sea - amber. The collection includes four hand-crafted, foaming, unique bath bombs. Three of them symbolise the creation of amber - pine, sun and sea, while the fourth, containing valuable amber powder, is a special shape of amber.


Enjoy the moment here and now!

All bath bombs are enriched with ingredients of natural origin to gently care for your skin's well-being, allowing you to enjoy pleasant aromas during your #metime and bathing ritual.


Foaming bath bomb Pine Crown

The resin forms both the base and the colour of the amber. A hand-crafted, free-standing pine cone symbolises the perfection of the geometry found in nature. Enriched with pine extract, ideal for bath procedures due to its benefits for skin elasticity and juniper berry and peppermint oils, which help to relieve tension and balance your mood and thoughts. The ball melts slowly, keeping the shape of the cone until the very end and staining the water green with swirling sparkles. Cast your eyes to the bottom of the bath when the water runs out. Can you see where the joyfulness is shimmering - now it is in you.


Foaming bath bomb Sun’s Course

The sun, the soul of amber, plays an essential role in the story of amber. This art deco-shaped bath bomb is our vision of the sun's course – pink on one side for sunrise and orange for sunset. It is enriched with nutmeg oil and vitamin B2 to care for your skin's comfort. The bomb dissolves into a beautiful layer of foam and colours the water in a cheerful yellow, orange, and red. Dip into the foam and let the orange flower and sandalwood aroma delight you. Vitamin B2 is thought to help fight migraines, so maybe a warm bath on a gloomy day is a great idea.


Salt bath bomb Wave Power

Sea waves – the solidity of the amber. This bath bomb turns the water bright blue so you can breathe in the fresh aroma of the sea – aquatic and floral. Enriched with nutmeg oil and sea salt, it soothes and cares for your well-being. Typical white Baltic foam swells for a moment. Feel the melting grains of salt and catch the moment when everything suddenly becomes calm and peaceful, including yourself.


Foaming bath bomb Nordic Amber

A unique form of amber enriched with nutmeg oil, which has soothing and rejuvenating properties, and amber powder, often called the elixir of youth by folk healers. It foams up like the warmest waves, wrapping you in a cloud of foam, turning water orange. Indulge in the pleasant aroma of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli, and enjoy a touch of warm summer on your skin.


Take time for yourself, and pause the daily rush so your body and mind can rest. Be here and now.

Wishing you a pleasant #metime,

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