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Sustainability in your bathroom


We stand for lasting and positive changes in the world. That's why we're proud to offer 100% recyclable packaging for all our products, ensuring that each item retains its properties throughout its lifetime. By choosing products in recyclable packaging, you too can take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. In this blog, we've put together some practical tips to help you look at sustainability in the bathroom. Read and get inspired!

Choose products without packaging or in recyclable packaging

Solid shampoos and conditioners

Solid shampoos are one of the most popular choices for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. To ensure that your solid shampoo (or conditioner) lasts as long as possible, it is essential to use and store it properly.


Extend the life of your solid hair care products

Wet your hair before use and lather the shampoo on your palms before applying it. This will help you to use less shampoo and make it last longer. It is important to allow the shampoo to dry thoroughly after use. A shape that makes it easier to store can help it last longer. For example, the new STENDERS solid shampoos have a triangular edge that allows them to be placed firmly, making them easier to dry. If you use a classic type of solid shampoo, put it in a container with air circulation afterward to prevent it from becoming damp.

Do not put the shampoo in a plastic bag but in a container when traveling. Use a storage container instead. Remember that you can also use solid shampoo as an all-purpose wash when traveling – for your hair, body and, if necessary, clothes.


Buy soap without packaging or choose refillable soap containers. Be sure to pay attention to the soap's formulation and how environmentally friendly the ingredients used in the formula are. For example, our new Gourmet soap collection contains 90% naturally sourced ingredients in all soap formulas.

To last longer

The principle here is similar to that of solid shampoos. After use, it is important to let the soap dry by placing it in a container with air circulation. You can put a loofah sponge in a regular soap dish, which will absorb excess moisture, extending the life of the soap.

Tooth powder

Tooth powder is often considered more sustainable than toothpaste, mainly because it is often packaged in more recyclable packaging, such as a glass jar or paper bag and is often more natural in its composition. Its dry powder form is also more compact, making it easier to transport and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

To last longer

Pure it in our storage container and keep it dry. Use a small spoon or spatula to place the tooth powder on the toothbrush to protect the powder from excess moisture.

Which toothbrush to choose?

Choose a sustainable toothbrush, for example bamboo (fast-growing and renewable natural resource) or biodegradable plastic (you can find this also with us). Pay attention to the material in which the toothbrush is packaged.

The natural aroma in your bathroom

One of the most convenient ways to keep your bathroom or toilet aromatic is with essential oils. Put a few drops on your towels, bath mat, or even in the bin for a pleasant and natural aroma every day. Try and drop your favourite oil in the shower before your daily ritual to get in the mood for a good day.

Avoid disposable items

Cotton pads, make-up wipes, and ear sticks are single-use and non-recyclable. To reduce waste in the bathroom, choose reusable organic cotton pads and silicone ear sticks that can be easily cleaned and washed.

Choose sustainable bathroom accessories

Whether you're thinking of a container to hold toothpaste and a brush, a make-up bag, a towel, or a bathroom organiser, lean towards sustainable choices and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic or natural materials such as cotton or linen. Support local artisans with your purchase or buy accessories from brands that support sustainability in everyday life.

Remember two key values

Pay attention to water consumption

The bathroom is responsible for a significant portion of water usage in many households, making it a key area to focus on when reducing water consumption. One simple step is to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. If you enjoy showers, consider investing in a showerhead designed to conserve water. And remember to fix any dripping taps, which can waste a surprising amount of water over time.

Energy consumption

Remember to use energy-efficient light bulbs in the bathroom too. Switch off lights when you are not in the bathroom, and do not plug in hairdryers or other electrical appliances when you are not using them.

When thinking about sustainability, we often want to do everything at once, and it becomes a burden to get back on track. Start slowly with one thing or habit change, and then you'll see how easily and harmoniously eco-friendly choices will also take root in your bathroom.

Good luck!

Your companion for sustainable choices in the bathroom,

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