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Skin loves moisture!


We all know – life on our green planet has developed in water and living cell can only exist in water environment. The basic building unit of our body, the cell, contains up to 80% water. Our skin, however, has been given one of the most essential tasks of preserving and retaining the so-essential moisture, and the visual appearance of our complexion best shows how well our skin is dealing with this important duty. 

A number of substantial studies in the field of cosmetology has shown – regardless of your age and skin type, hydration is the key to youthful-looking complexion, and correct skin hydration and nourishment with beneficial ingredients delivered by high-quality moisturising cosmetics is the very foundation of your daily skincare routine.

 Skin loves moisture

Correct moisture balance is especially essential for healthy and radiant appearance of your skin. In an urban environment our skin is affected by the heat, humidity and pollution during summer days, as well as the dry, conditioned air in heated rooms during winter-time. This dries out our skin, makes it looking dull, tired and lacking lustre. By only correctly and carefully cleansing and hydrating your skin you will keep it firm, elastic and youthfully radiant.

Highly valuable and deeply moisturising cosmetics help retain the moisture balance in your skin, preventing fast evaporation of moisture from the top skin layer – epidermis. Saturated with beneficial moisturising ingredients from nature, the skin is able to retain optimum moisture balance for its youthful appearance – irrespective of weather conditions, humidity in the air and the moods of our body.

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