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Interesting facts about hair


We have gathered different facts about hair in order to give you general knowledge and broaden your horizon:

  • Hairs grow from the hair follicles found in the dermis and are usually located slantwise.
  • There are more than 100 thousand hairs on a human head. 
  • A woman’s hair grows on average 6 years, from which we can conclude – the length they reach in this time is their maximum possible length. A man’s hair grows on average 2 years. 
  • The hair grows the fastest during the first half of the day, the slowest – during the night. 
  • The speed of hair growth is about 1 cm per month.
  • Palms and feet are the only parts of our body’s skin where hairs do not grow. • Hairs on a human head grow not only for beauty but also to protect the scalp from the environment – from the cold in winter and from overheating during summer. 
  • Light hair is the thinnest, grey, brown and black hair is thicker, and red hair is the thickest.
  • Hair loss can be triggered by various factors, for instance, stress, low-quality diet, heredity, etc.
  • For your hair to be beautiful each day, it is important to take care of it on regular basis – not only visit hair dresser from time to time, but also find the time and money for hair care at home by using hair cosmetics suitable for your hair type, pampering your hair with hair masks and from time to time allowing them to dry naturally, without using a blow-drier..

Anatomy of the root of the hair

Hairs grow from the hair follicles found in the dermis and are usually located slantwise (see the image)It is within the follicle, which is located at the base of the hair root, where the cells form. Gradually moving upwards, these cells enrich in keratin to strengthen and fill the hair root. Protein keratin is the main structural component of hair. Special structure of keratin is what ensures hair firmness.

The hair root is composed of 3 cell layers:

  • Medulla or the inner most part of the hair is composed of cells that do not have a nucleus and has very little pigment;
  • Cortex is composed of cells that contain a lot of keratin and pigment determining the colour of your hair. It ensures durability and flexibility of the hair. 
  • Cuticle – the outer layer of the hair is composed of flattened cells located one on top of the other just like fish scales. Cuticle is the protective barrier that allows the hair to prevent the influences of the environment and ensures sufficient level of moisture. Therefore cuticle is important to the health of the hair.

Healthy or normal hair is such whose outer layer or cuticle is smooth and even. If your hair is dry, coloured or damaged, the hairs require help. Therefore it is important to use hair cosmetics suitable for your hair type to make your hair regain smoothness, flexibility and a healthy shine.

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