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From memories to moods: how aromas shape our perception of the world


If you start to pay attention and become present, you begin to understand that different kinds of aromas are component that surrounds us constantly. Discovering your reactions to certain scents is part of the process of getting to know not only yourself but also the world.

The aroma is essential component also in skincare products and rituals. When we think about STENDERS products, finding the right aroma that enhances product functionality takes a lot. That's why we are keen to understand the processes that help us to detect a scent and how we create memories and react to some particular aroma. To learn more about fragrances, we asked perfume expert Marika Rozenbergs, creator of Follow the Nose, to share some guidelines for aroma perception.

How do we sense aromas?

Each scent we detect/perceive consists of hundreds of molecules. First, they travel to the nose, but it is the brain that is responsible for the processing of the information. Due to the ability to smell, humans, since ancient times, make their choices. Sometimes we don't even realize that our sense of smell has made us make some decisions since it happens unconsciously.


The aroma is part of your identity

The power of aroma can be used to change your mood or to leave a positive impression on others. On the other hand, we can never be sure about the preferences of others, so there are better ways than pleasing others. Be yourself, and find the aromas that give you a sense of well-being and make you happy. Then you will become appealing to others as well. Aroma has a vital role in choosing the partner; in this case, our perception is very individual.

What aroma seems appealing and irresistible to you?

The aroma is a memory keeper

Neuroscientists have proved that the perception of aromas is directly related to the limbic system, with the amygdala and hippocampus directly related to emotion and memory. It should be remembered that each of us also has our own individual sense of smell and smell associations, which have been formed during our lifetime. These scent associations are closely related to childhood memories and events, and it may be impossible to change them. The good news is that you can create new scent memories and associations.

Recognising an aroma takes only a second, so the memories associated with a specific smell also arise instantly. Sometimes it takes work to immediately name this aroma, but we can determine whether the association is pleasant.


Fragrance trends and cosmetic products

When we think about aromas in 2023, we think about sustainability and functionality (scents that help emotional and physical well-being) in products. We have added scientifically proven aromas to improve well-being, sleep, and energy to our newest bath bombs, Magic of the Moon, The Dreamer, I See you and Power of love, which you will find in the Awakening collection.

When thinking of a new collection, the aroma is specially developed along with the products, which can often take several months, as it is affected not only by the product formula but also by the chosen texture, the way it is used, and other factors. The fragrance must be part of the story, representing ingredients and a feeling. For example, when working on the Nordic Amber collection, it was essential for us to find a fragrance that allows you to bring a little bit of sunshine into your bathroom.

Aromatic baths encourage safe experimentation with your senses. You can enjoy, record your emotions and repeat rituals using products that make you feel good.

The benefits of aroma in your daily life

Not many things can instantly make you feel good, but the scent does that and happens in a moment. Sensing a new, unfamiliar aroma connects the brain with memories of that particular moment. When you are ready to relax and connect with your inner world is the best for creating new scent memories. Inhaling the familiar aroma of the bath, you will instantly remember the well-being you felt the last time you enjoyed the pleasant aroma. It is a new routine that will become an integral part of everyday life, a moment to long for. Everything that brings joy and happiness must be used to your advantage! Discover the power of scents in your life and use them to their effect. Some aromas will help you reduce stress and calm down, and others will promote concentration or cheer you up. Bath products with ingredients of natural origin have a beneficial effect on both skin and mood.

Spring is the perfect time to be inspired by fresh and familiar aromas or to discover something new and unprecedented, allowing you to create unique and enjoyable fragrance stories. All you have to do is indulge, feel and be present. The fragrance takes care of the rest.

Your trusted companion on your aroma journey,

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