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Bath bombs with a surprise


Who says that warm baths should be cancelled during the sunny time of the year? As a true supporter of home SPA, I think that a relaxing bubble bath is necessary for everyone, and at any time. To bring us new sensations and perfumes, STENDERS has created a surprise saturated with spring scents and true colour therapy – new bath bubble bombs. The collection features 5 amazing bath bubble bombs, that vividly reminds us of summer adventures – “Cloudberry”, “Deep Sea”, “Party in the Ocean”, “Blossom Tree” and “Go Green”. Aren’t they tempting?


Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in fluffy and soft cumulus clouds? Now your childhood desires can be fulfilled with a bath bubble bomb that contains all the colours of the rainbow. Thanks to the valuable cloudberry extract, which contains vitamin C and antioxidants, the bath bubble bomb will provide immediate hydration, leaving your skin soft as silk. This is definitely my favourite bath bubble bomb from this collection!


Sea sensations that refresh, inspire and purify the mind – now you can enjoy them in your bathroom! Isn’t it great? This bath bubble bomb will delight with a refreshing aroma and a bouquet of exotic colours, that will suddenly make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean Islands. The bath bubble bomb will really give you the feeling of the sea, because it contains powdered sea water, which contains magnesium and potassium minerals. The minerals will enhance the feeling of freshness after a long day at work.


A bath bubble bomb that will surprise everyone and take you on a trip to the beach, where palms trees dance in the wind and the rays of the evening sun shine in the turquoise water. To provide an invigorating feeling, this bath bubble bomb also hides a magic cube that will make the colours explode. What makes this bath bubble bomb so royal? The pearl extract invigorates the skin, giving it natural radiance, while the algae extract makes the skin soft and smooth. Could this be the right gift for your best friend?


The middle of June, and the scents that can be felt around us, is one of my favourite times of the year, when I really wish I could put these moments in a box and keep them for the entire year. And now, thanks to STENDERS, we all have such an opportunity! The foaming bath bubble bomb will surround you in the gentle aroma of sandalwood and awaken the body, giving it natural radiance. It will immediately take you to a garden of fantasies, where everything is possible. The bath bubble bomb is enriched with ginger root extract and sandalwood essential oil, which will awaken the mind and spirit.


The small birch leaf holds the great power of nature and unique bouquet of colours within it. The bath bubble bomb will fill your bathroom with the spring scent of flowers, but birch leaf extract will ensure that your skin is invigorated and receives valuable antioxidants. In addition, the vitamin extract of green tea will take care of the skin’s flexibility and its natural radiance.

Which spring surprise will be your choice?

Written by: Kristīne Šeiko

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