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About essential oils and aromatherapy


Essential oils are light, concentrated, evaporating substances (therefore they can be inhaled) – plant essences, without fat molecules. They contain compounds of complex organic substance (acid, aldehyde, ketone, terpene etc.). For example, rose essential oil contains approximately 500 different compounds. Essential oils have two ways for entering a human body: through the skin and by inhaling.

In 2004, Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded for the discovery of mechanism of scent detection. It was proven that aromatic molecules, when inhaled, create electrical impulses stimulating limbic system. Limbic system is a set of brain structures linked with arousing emotions, unconscious behaviour and long-term memory. This discovery is considered to be the physiological basis connecting each scent with the feelings it evokes. 

It means that aromas can arouse certain emotions and associations that do not abide our consciousness. Human brain remembers aromas, therefore a scent only named in words strongly affects our imagination. In the influence ofwords, a person as if feels one or another aroma and the associations it evokes. For instance, the majestic aroma of the rose or our memories of it invite a mood of true elegance, luxury and expensiveness. However, the fresh scent of grapefruit fills the room with joyful and invigorating energy.

STENDERS essential oils are not to be used for medical purposes, but only for improving a person’s well-being. We cannot promise the client that essential oils or their blends will solve their skin and other health problems. Yet, we can talk about the characteristic properties of essential oils and tell the client that they MAY improve their health, as well as their mood and well-being. To use essential oils for their clinical effect specific knowledge is required, and only a doctor can prescribe essential oils for healing purposes. 

STENDERS knows that pleasant aromas arouse pleasant emotions. When choosing an essential oil, the client may feel the emotional satisfaction. A person should only follow their preference in choosing the aroma. The nose will tell youwhich essential oil you desire at this very moment.

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