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Shiny and healthy hair

Shiny and healthy hair
We are just a few steps away from diving into the warm summer sun, orange sunsets, relaxing hugs of the sea and delicious picnics. We would like to remind you that all the safety measures must still be followed to curb the spread of the virus, but that doesn't mean you cannot choose well-thought-out summer activities. With the first warm touches of the sun, I always ask myself – how can I take care of my hair in summer? What to add to my hair care routine? What will ensure that my hair stays shiny and protected? Read more »

#timeformetime right now

#timeformetime right now
We live in trying times and experience changes with every step. However, when I look around, I see (more precisely - I hear) that people are looking for the positive things in this situation as well, and that makes me very happy. Doesn't every cloud have its silver lining? Or golden one? I have said multiple times on social networks that this is the time to look around and appreciate what we have. And we tend to forget that we have so much! What seems so obvious in our daily life is not available at the moment. Read more »

New from STENDERS – solid shampoos and conditioners

New from STENDERS – solid shampoos and conditioners
I have already mentioned several times that I am particularly fond of STENDERS, because it is part of my childhood memories and reminds me ones of the first products of the brand – bath bubble bombs. I believe that companies must also think about new technologies and modern products meeting our current needs, values ​​and global processes. Read more »

Customers' best friends - STENDERS store consultants

Customers' best friends - STENDERS store consultants
A warm smile, cheerful "Hello!", friendly reception at the store, extensive knowledge about the brand products, ability to find the right product you need to make the Sunday evening even more wonderful, a skill to create a small celebration 30 times a day, ability to find the most suitable gift for your significant other, special attention to wrapping every gift… Do you know who these people are? If the first thing that comes to mind is the friendly STENDERS store consultants, you hit the bullseye. I believe it is the consultants we meet on a daily basis that are the faces of the brand, which allows us to learn about the values of the company and understand them. Did you know that each STENDERS consultant have their own special daily ritual? Do you know what they like about working with people? Do you know which products foreigners choose and what aromas we in Latvia like the most? Keep reading and meet three of our store consultants. Read more »

Pamper yourself in cold season

Pamper yourself in cold season
The time runs fast! Autumn is in its final days, which often means that we feel tired and longing for the sun, we want to spend our evenings wrapped in the plaid with a mug of hot ginger tea in one's hands. It must be admitted that at the end of the year we have less energy left, which can be explained by the fact that our reserves have been spent on the work diligently done, delivered projects and new ideas. Quite familiar situation, isn't it? I always remind my relatives and friends that this is the time when we must take special care of ourselves, which also means a bit more pampering. What do You think can brighten up this dark season? I would say, You need to bring into play the nature's gifts and a little glow... Read more »

Stenders facial skincare lines – your best friends

Stenders facial skincare lines – your best friends
If you want your face to be healthy and radiant, don't forget about these preconditions: healthy and balanced diet, adequate water intake, rest and high quality sleep. It is also very important to choose the right facial skincare products that take care of your skin to make sure it is cleansed, toned, moisturized and nourished. Read more »

Our new jelly bombs in a fruit basket

Our new jelly bombs in a fruit basket
STENDERS has come up with an unprecedented product – jelly bombs. If I were to describe the product then I would say that they are bath bombs with surprise. While bathing, the jelly bombs create a creamy fruit mask to wrap your body in a gentle bouquet of fragrances and make your skin feel silky soft. Read more »

Product TOP 5 from Kristīne Seiko

Product TOP 5 from Kristīne Seiko
I have known the STENDERS brand since I was a child, so the products fragrances are particularly sweet to me. In my hometown, there was a small shop where you could buy different gifts, such as books, unusual pens, nice day planners, porcelain figurines, and more. Read more »

Wash cubes in Your travel bag!

Wash cubes in Your travel bag!
Have you already got yourself acquainted with the newest product of STENDERS – wash cubes? They are small, dazzling and aromatic wonders! A surprise that you can find a special place for - not only in your bathtub but also in a summer travel bag. Read more »

Catch the springtime and extend it a little bit longer. Five tips for a longer May month.

Catch the springtime and extend it a little bit longer. Five tips for a longer May month.
As each year – after the last attempt of winter to return with an unexpected snow storm during the chilly April month, May arrives with fluffy and delicate blossom. It is known as the month during which nature explodes in full bloom and cherishes us with the most delightful fragrances – from heavy-scented purple lilac flowers to warm and delicate apple blossom scent – this season brings quintessential floral treats. Although we would like to hold on to pale pink tones of May a little bit longer, springtime passes as quick as a flash. Read more »
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