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Cooperation with STENDERS

In today’s highly competitive cosmetics market, each brand, product and concept is fighting for its attention and potential customer. We already know how to make profit though our network of 200 brand retail stores, department and beauty stores and e-commerce concept. Among other market players, STENDERS stands out as an expert in bath rituals, with particular focus on gifting and shopping experience – design, aromas, the way of presenting products and customer care culture. We believe STENDERS is the right brand you are looking for!

Beautiful store design STENDERS store is a place where nature manifests through our merchandise and the interior showcases the beauty of colourful bath products. The design concept is created in a minimalistic style, the design features a touch of grey that’s very typical for Latvia, and natural wooden details. The ascetic look highlights our products and the colours, joy, vitality and fun they represent. Testing area is an important part of store design – consumers should experience and enjoy our products hands-on.

STENDERS concept store carries a complete assortment of STENDERS products. All aspects of the store, including store front, furniture, display materials, and decorations are uniquely STENDERS. A concept store has the advantage of giving customers the whole shopping experience, complete with mood, aroma and consultations with shop assistants.

Product portfolio Our products manifest through unique textures, natural elements, a wide range of aromas and different colours. All the product ideas are created in Riga, at our privately-owned Creative Centre. The creativity of STENDERS has now been captured in more than 300 bath and body care, skin care, hair care and aromatherapy products.

Gift-wrapping rituals Product and gift wrapping are one of STENDERS brand trademarks and competitive advantages. To keep it excellent at all points of contact we have created a set of details that shape the exquisite STENDERS wrapping style and ensure a unique shopping experience to our customers.

Unique and engaging customer care culture One of the strongest points of STENDERS is our customer care culture. Our comprehensive training program not only teaches partners about the products but also trains on how to interact with customers and build relationships. This includes asking value-adding questions, specific sales arguments, handling objections and efficient upselling.


We are always on a lookout for partners interested in opening and operating STENDERS concept stores in a new territory. You are very welcome to consider the advantages of becoming a STENDERS partner today!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your cooperation plans:; +371 2717212


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