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Become a partner

Become a partner

STENDERS franchise is a profitable business of
selling high-quality cosmetics with natural ingredients


We have already figured out how to make profit!

Is our business what you are looking for? To help you decide, we will tell about us and our work, becoming a franchise partner, and the opportunities and profit this partnership brings.

Who are we?

We, STENDERS, are a solid beauty care company with dynamic growth, original concept and rich experience. Within 10 years we have opened more than 180 franchise shops all over the world and the number is growing by 20-30% every year.

Our high-quality, masstige bath, body and facial cosmetics take care of the beauty and health of the skin through bath and sauna rituals, as well as massages. 

STENDERS cosmetics contain a lot of valuable natural ingredients. Moreover, we only sell our cosmetics at our design shops thus being noticeable among the many cosmetics shops in the market and making passers-by interested in visiting us.

The most common customers at our shops are women aged 24-45, who love beauty and natural products and are gladly spending money and time for face and body care, as well as recreational rituals.

How do our franchises work?

Thanks to our rich experience, we know exactly what, how, where and when to do, in order to supply excellent production, find the best shop assistants, open a shop and bring customers to it.

We will assist you with consultations along all stages of opening a shop – from financial planning to marketing and communication in social networks.

What we expect from you?

To start the business you will need experience in entrepreneurship, readiness to invest time and energy, and a start-up capital. You have to have good knowledge of the specific character of the chosen market, target audience and the environment, as well as a clear vision of how you want to develop your new business.

You will work and earn independently but with a constant support and cooperation from our team of specialists.

By investing in the STENDERS franchise you can count on a sustainable, competitive and beautiful business that brings profit and satisfaction.  We have taken care of everything to the smallest detail and our approach is proved to be working!

Contact us and start your business within 3 months

Is STENDERS franchise a suitable investment opportunity for you? Here you can contact the gardeners of feelings in charge of our work at various places in the world.

At first they will be interested in answers to a couple of important questions:

  • Why do you think STENDERS franchise is a suitable business for you?
  • What is your field of activity at the moment?
  • How did you find out about STENDERS business opportunities?
  • Do you have prior experience in retail/ cosmetics industry/ business?
  • Do you have good knowledge of the local business environment?
  • Are you interested in developing the agency of our brand in a region (where exactly?) or you only want to open one shop?
  • Do you have enough funds to start the business? To start a STENDERS franchise you will need 50 000 to 100 000 euro of freely accessible funds.

Together we can find the best place and way to create new STENDERS shops all over the world!


Where do you wish to open the shop?


Mikus Narvils 
+ 371 67217212


Ieva Vina

+ 371 29444384

Russia and CIS countries

Алексей Кобзев


Baltic States

Janis Strazdins

+ 371 22021335


You are also welcome to use the opportunities for extra profit!

We have tasteful gifts for corporate clients

Twice a year we issue a corporate gift catalogue containing beautiful, tasteful and sensational gifts.

We have a line of professional SPA products valued by beauty care saloons

We have created a special professional SPA line for beauty care saloons. The main properties of these products are quality and effectiveness, thus they are highly valued by both competent specialists and clients.

To develop the SPA professional line we offer specialised catalogues, personnel training and instructions for using exclusive STENDERS products.


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