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It is a magical time when families are together the most


Christmas time is very special to me, something I always very much look forward to. I especially love the time running down to Christmas, the Advent time. Each week we light a candle in our Advent wreath and each candle warms my heart more and more. It is a special feeling, too deep for words. It is a magical time, time for fulfilment, peace and harmony, angels and miracles, faith and gratitude, time when we give in to the joy of gift giving, time when families are together the most.

I wish everyone to find a moment to pause and simply take in this most delightful time of the year, to indulge in the festivities with your loved-ones, to give in to love and the smell of gingerbread.

Have a magical Christmas season!
P.S. – Winter is also my favourite season ;)

Inese Kūķe

Inese Kūķe
Baltic Market Manager

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