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Facts and myths about cellulite


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the fat tissue of irregular shape consisting of fat, water and toxic substances that accumulate just below the skin surface concentrating in one or a number of areas on the body. It is a change in the visual appearance of the top skin layer, often also called the orange peel skin, cottage cheese skin, and the mattress phenomenon in colloquial language.

Cellulite-prone skin Smooth skin


Cellulite is a widespread issue, especially among women, and it troubles up to 90% of women in different societies.

Cellulite is not considered to be a disease. However, it is also a mistake to call it just a cosmetic defect. It has been proven that unattended cellulite may become a cause for a number of medical issues caused by poor blood circulation and delayed elimination of unnecessary fluids from the body.


Why does the cellulite appear?

Cellulite appears when hypodermic connective tissue becomes weak and deformed. It is most commonly caused by our body not eliminating from the unnecessary substances and toxins in the required amounts. Therefore fat accumulates and starts to form into clumps, becoming visible as unattractive hypodermic formations.

Cellulite usually takes over when we’ve neglected taking care of our bodies for quite some time. Cellulite can be facilitated by sedentary lifestyle, poor diet; hormonal misbalance, heredity, stress.

The studies of recent years have shown that the level of hormones, especially the female hormone oestrogen has a great influence. During the period of activity of this hormone our body consumes more liquid, therefore for the circulation of substances to happen on a normal level, it is necessary to consume more liquids than usually. Dehydration is one of the reasons why cellulite intensifies during pregnancy and puberty, as well as during the use and after interruption of use of hormonal contraceptives.

How to fight off cellulite?

A regular massage, regular physical activities and well-balanced diet are the most essential tools in maintaining beautiful, firm and smooth skin. 

Reducing signs of cellulite requires a set of measures, including not only appropriate and regular skin and body care, but also active and healthy lifestyle – sports, outdoor activities, and healthy diet. However, keep in mind:

  • Maintaining a healthy diet will make you more slender, nonetheless no food or diet can eliminate cellulite or prevent it from appearing;
  • Just like a healthy diet, your body also requires a specific amount of liquid, however you won’t get rid of cellulite by only consuming larger quantities of water;
  • Using anti-cellulite creams or oils, if it is not done wisely and on regular basis, will not reduce your cellulite, as majority of these creams do not penetrate deep enough into the skin. Only in combination with an effective and regular massage, using different massage accessories (gloves, brushes) can the desired effect be reached;
  • If you are active and exercise on regular basis, the risk of cellulite appearing will decrease, however, even being physically active won’t protect you from this problem if you maintain unhealthy diet and consume food filled with toxins and hormones.

By getting rid of cellulite you will not only improve your health and obtain beautiful skin. When your body will have gotten rid of accumulated toxins and unnecessary fluids, you will notice the circumference of your thighs reducing. This is one of the ways you can determine if the anti-cellulite method and products you’ve chosen deliver desired results – day after day your skin becomes more beautiful and smoother and the circumference of your thighs/ hips decreases.

Most popular myths about cellulite

I am not overweight/ I am too young therefore I do not have cellulite.

Appearance of cellulite is not connected with the amount of fat, but their correct burning and eliminating the unnecessary fluids from your body. Therefore it is not right to believe that by losing the extra weight, the cellulite will disappear at once. The age, just like the extra weight, has little to do with the appearance of cellulite. As it is often caused by hormonal misbalance in the body, the cellulite may appear already during puberty or at a very senior age.

Cellulite is a disease.

For a woman’s body cellulite is not a disease. As the most recent studies show that it is connected with the activity of the female hormone oestrogen, assumptions that for a women it is a norm were even made. However, progressing cellulite can be particularly unpleasant, therefore it should be avoided with the help of healthy lifestyle.

It is harder to fight cellulite than obesity.

Cellulite is a combination of fat cells and water, located close to the top layer of the skin. These fat cells are not different from other fat cells in our body. Therefore fighting cellulite is neither more complicated nor easier. The orange peel appearance, especially if clearly visible, is very upsetting to women, therefore they think that fighting cellulite is harder. Also, the results are not visible right away. Following a diet even for a couple of days, we can immediately observe that our weight has decreased, but using a specialised cream and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there may be no visible results for quite some time. It is important to be patient and persistent.

Only liposuction (fat removal) helps getting rid of cellulite forever.

With the help of this surgical procedure you may only get rid of extra fat, not cellulite. Furthermore, the removed fat may reappear on the same body parts just as fast, if you change nothing about your lifestyle.

No cream or oil will help me to fight off cellulite.

Seeing the first signs of the dimpled skin appearance that may indicate the progression of cellulite, the majority of women immediately search the shops for products fighting the orange peel effect. Many have been disappointed by the results of these products, and it has cultivated a myth that anti-cellulite cosmetics are ineffective. Remember – none of these creams are miracle-workers. If a cream or oil is used as the only tool, eliminating signs of cellulite is difficult, however, cosmetics may help you in reducing the visual appearance of cellulite and, along with other methods, achieve noticeable and lasting results.

Only expensive creams bought from professional salons can be effective.

The choice of an anti-cellulite product depends on the degree of your cellulite. Professional products bought in pharmacies or salons contain more concentrated and active ingredients. However, doctors are still debating over to what extent these ingredients reach and influence the deeper layers of our skin. Moreover, using any anti-cellulite cream or oil can only be a preventive measure in fighting cellulite. If no other changes are implemented in one’s lifestyle, even the use of professional creams will not be an effective solution to this issue.

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