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The symbol for a Christmas miracle is the Christmas tree


We can witness a miracle happening with each good deed, with each smile, with each selfless action. We just need to learn to notice and accept them.

In our home, the symbol for a Christmas miracle is the Christmas tree. You can and you should do good deeds all year round, just as you can have gingerbread and mulled wine whenever you want. However, you only decorate and cherish a Christmas tree during the Christmas season. For us, the Christmas tree brings the whole family together, and there really is no better way to warm your soul than being together with people you care about most. The moment you light the candles and breathe in the scent of a fir tree, and do light paintings with sparklers – that for me is a Christmas miracle. It’s the feeling of harmony and being together.

Anete Kreicberga

Anete Kreicberga
Quality and Compliance Specialist

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