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Our proudest collections

  • Wild Rose

    Deep moisture skincare collection for your everyday beauty care moments and royal rituals of skin moisturising.

  • Apple blossom

    A top-to-toe body care collection inspired by the very first springtime bloom.

  • Seaberry

    A boost of nature’s energy for your skin. Cosmetics with the regenerating seaberry oil.

  • For men

    Effective, multifunctional and filled with an energizing aroma – these are STENDERS products for men.

  • Gold

    A treasure we created thinking of especially luxurious body care and bathing rituals full of sparkle.

  • Firming treatments

    Targeted solutions to firm and refine your body contours.


Find your nearest Garden of Feelings!

STENDERS feelings are captured in more than 350 products and live in more than 220 shops in 27 countries of the world.


Our story

We opened the first STENDERS store in Riga in 2001. It was a place with very special atmosphere where we offered bath and body care products with the added value. Today I am proud to see that our basic values – nature, quality and joyfulness – have remained unchanged, and they visible and perceptible in each STENDERS shop all over the world. Discover these values also in our cosmetics!


We know how to entice the deepest secrets from plants, flowers, rocks, water and fire, how to make unusual and powerful combinations to let your body and mind feel beautiful.

Discover our ingredients!