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How do you make bathing an enjoyable experience for children?

How do you make bathing an enjoyable experience for children?

Children quite often throw temper tantrums when it is time to take a bath, even though it is a pleasant, relaxing, peaceful, and very fragrant activity. When evaluating the various reasons, the opinions of experts are divided: it is possible that the water has once been too warm and thus unpleasant memories have remained, the child may be afraid of water, the bathing ritual might not be interesting enough or other reasons. How do you make bathing an enjoyable experience? We have put together some tips to turn bathing into an exciting event.
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Here at STENDERS, we see the world from a Nordic perspective and fully embrace the joy of missing out on things. Coming from Northern Europe, we’re experts of ‘me-time’. Our wise ancestors believed that bathing not only cleansed the body, but also rejuvenated the soul.

STENDERS is declaring – it’s officially time for me-time.

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